Large CONCH SHELL HORN Trumpet New
This Conch Shell Horn is great for any ceremonial openings such as weddings, parties, rituals, announcements or any other gathering that you want to make a special opening statement.

This conch shell horn is a product of Mother Nature and will vary in color, shape, size and dimensions and will average between 7-9 inches long by 6-7 inches wide and 5-6 inches tall.

This shell is specially designed with the tip cut off to form a blowhole.

Conch horns are to be played the same way as a trumpet and can be tricky getting that first note, but once mastered they can be extremely loud and produce multiple notes.

This shell is chosen for its sound quality and is NOT considered a decorative grade shell. Expect rough and sharp edges (can be easily sanded smooth), worn tips and imperfections in the look of the shell but expect a great sounding horn.